Usage Tips:

  1. It is possible, during transportation, the glitters will separate from the base. When you receive your artisan nail glaze in the mail, it is important to first roll the bottle in the palms of your hands to evenly redistribute the ingredients; it is also a good practice, for nail glazes that have been sitting, unused for some time.

  2. Sometimes no matter how good the suspension is, many of the larger and heavier glitters, might sink to the bottom of the mixture within time.  In this case, it is very helpful to roll the bottle in the palm of your hands, allow the bottle to sit upside down for a few minutes before usage.  This will allow the larger glitters to float to the surface, and become better incorporated within the mixture.

  3. Jellies and creamy jelly glitter glazes are usually sheer formulas.  They are formulated in this manner, which allows the glitters to shine through. On the nail, they give the overall appearance of embedded glitter.  They usually require two or three coats to build up the color.

  4. Shimmers are usually formulated as sheer glazes as well, to allow the shimmers to shine through.  They usually require two to three coats to build up the color.

  5. Jelly polishes are usually translucent and are glazes used for particular effects when doing nail art.  I.e. Jelly sandwiches.  They become more color intense with multiple coats, but not opaque.   Their appearance is usually described as squishy, or having a candy like appearance. They can be made opaque by layering over a white polish.

  6. Using a good base coat is always a good idea. It gives your pigmented polish something to adhere to, extending the life of your manicure.  It is also very important to use a base coat if you’re using highly pigmented polishes, to protect natural nails from staining.  With glitter polishes, a base coat gives the glitter something to adhere to, besides the natural nail, making removal a bit easier.

  7. Using a good top coat will help protect your manicure, add shine, or take it away depending on the type.  This can also help the manicure last longer.  If using a micro-glitter nail polish, it is helpful to use a thick top coat, which will give a smooth finish and make the glitters pop.

  8. Limiting the submersion of hands in water will help your manicure last longer.   It is helpful to wear gloves when washing dishes.  Also limiting your nails coming in contact with household cleaners will be helpful to the life of your manicure.  It is always a good idea to wear gloves when doing household chores as well.