About Us...

Domani Color is an emerging Independent Cosmetics brand located in South Carolina. Founded and created by Latisha Linder, a Respiratory Therapist, a senior Chemistry Student. At Domani Color (DC) we craft unique artisan hand blended nail glazes and more. Initially we are introducing our line of nail glazes, we will continue to grow our brand and introduce new products as time progresses.

A little history:

Domani Color started as an experiment. The founder, Latisha Linder during her chemistry studies, was running few experiments for nail polish and become very passionate about it. After locking herself into the laboratory for a couple of months, she came up with her applicable first nail polish product, meeting or exceeding all standard guidelines; plus something very important, all Domani Color products are Vegan Friendly, 5-free, cruelty-free and only use the highest quality products for formulation. All products are completely safe and free of all known toxic and dangerous substances.

The name Domani Color evolved from the idea of producing cutting-edge products and push the color boundaries. The word “Domani” is Italian for tomorrow. Domani Color translates as the Color of Tomorrow.

Domani color slogan is: Find a new color for tomorrow, today!

Our Team:

We are a very small company on the rise, with a very small focused group. But don’t let the numbers fool you. We are committed to the highest quality of products. All products go through rigorous testing and quality assurance process. You can rest assured that by shopping with us, you are going to receive no other than excellence in both customer service and products. Give us a try!!! You will not be disappointed.

We are always open for suggestions from our customers; we are here for you, without you, there would not be Domani Color. We hope you enjoy the shopping experience as much as possible. Thank you for being a valued customer.