Domani Color Blogger Request

Blogger Request

Domani Color welcomes the idea of working with beauty and nail Bloggers. If you are a blogger with a dedicated audience, and you are interested in receiving products for review along with an opportunity to be featured on our website this might interest you!


- Must be 17 or older. If you are between the ages of 13-16, you must have a parental consent to receive packages from Domani Color at your address.

- It would really help if you had a blog. However, if you do not have a blog, but are active in other areas of social media, we would still like to hear from you.

- Old and new applications will be reviewed periodically, to choose a small number of bloggers to review current and future collections.

- We are looking for bloggers with fresh content and clear, sharp images. Along with tactfully constructed reviews.


You could be selected to periodically receive full, or partial collections for review. Your package will include mini and/or full size bottles, along with a full description of the products. There will be a date set to publish your tactful, yet honest review/thoughts, along with pics, noted in your package. The date for you to publish your post will be 1-2 days before a new collection releases, during the release, as well other dates depending on what you were selected to review (it will all be detailed in your package). We also ask that you provide your readers with the links to our online store, and social media accounts in your post.

- If you cannot publish your post by the date asked, please send an email to make me aware. However, we prefer that they are on time, as the date will coincide with the date of the collection release .

- We ask that you provide high quality photographs of your swatches, along with your permission to use them on our website, social media, and/or any other promotional advertising, or products related to Domani Color with appropriate credits. The deadline will be noted in your package for you to submit by email. The sooner you submit the photos the better chance you will have to be featured on our site! If you don’t get featured on the site for a particular collection, check out our Instagram, twitter and fb accounts for your pics, as they will be posted.

R&D- There is also a possibility to be a part our Research and Development testing before new products are released. This would also include our line of lip products that is now under development, and future products, as we add to our brand. (no posting necessary on R&D, as these products would only be in the developmental stage, and it is actually preferred that you not post information related to these samples.)

***Presently, If you are selected, and located in the US, all packages will be shipped at the expense of Domani Color. If you are an International blogger interested in reviewing our products, we will be more than happy to ship you a blogger package, if you are willing to cover the cost of shipping.***

Please provide links to your website, blog, and/or social media accounts where you post your nail swag.

Information in addition to requested fields, like additional blogs, sites, etc. can be added to the comments.

If you think you have hands fit for modeling...let us see your best mani!

Thanks for your support and interest in helping us spread the word!

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